Throttle Position Sensor Diagnosis

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  1. Very educating and useful in my field. However, I would like to know if it is possible to have readings in excess of 5 volts when the TPS test is carried out as described in the video and write up. A typical example of a 2004 Toyota 4Runner.

    • What is your voltage reading, Azu? Some 4-wire sensors have a 12 V source.

  2. I have gone thru your tutorial on tps. Very informative but what about a 4 wire tps as in a 2004 f150 5.4 litre 3v.I am at odds how to diagnose these.

    • Great question, Ralph. We’ll update the post to include a 4-wire TPS sensor. Sometimes the 4th terminal is not used. Have you checked the voltage across each pin? At the end of the day, the pin that changes based on throttle position is the one we are most concerned about. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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